3 thinks you need to know about bathmate

First thing all people who buy bathmate or who
plane to buy bathmate want to know ,how faster
can i gain and how much can i gain, number
one for all newbie who Just getting started with
bathmate or any other penis extender device it
doesnt matter how many device you have , you
must be ready for long run .There is no device
in the world that can make your penis bigger
quickly .
How Much Can i expect to gain with bathmate
Must guys can gain a 1 in lenth and grith
it also deppend from your staring size . If you
starting size is 5 inch you can get up to 6 inches
.If you startin size is 4 inches you can get close
to 5 inches
Thats is what you can expect to gain with
bathmate pump .
You have to commit your self for a few month

with regular use . But every month you will
gain a little bit and that will motived you To
coninua .

In the first month Penis need to get used to
the pump , i dont recommend you use the
bathmate pump with full eraciton especialy if
you never had done any jeqling or
streaching .First 3-4 week go samy earciton
, next month you can work a bit harder . But
Start slow and have paiton you will be
there .

The sec thing i love so much about
bathmate .
After pumping with the Bathmate in the shower for about 10 -15 minutes (with a
full erection), your penis will gain an extra 0.25 – 0.5 inch in length and about 0.5 –
1.25 inches in girth ,for the first time using the pump . These changes are instant,
especially that of the girth.
Before it get to normal you can go and have sex with your girelfind .

The growth will remain for about 4 to 11 hours, and then your penis will slowly
come back to your normal size.
Your temporary gains will become permanent if you use this device regularly ,and
cominet your self for few month . It’s sort of like you go to the gym and lift
weights, your muscle tissue will fatigue and gain immediate size – that pumped
look. But they’ll return to their regular size in about 4 to 11 hours after the
workout. If you consistently workout (assuming a proper diet), your muscles will
grow and continue to increase in . Same deal for the Bathmate. Although penile
tissue isn’t exactly the same as muscle tissue, they are pretty similar.
Just like i say before first month dick need to get used with the pump

I will not recommend you use the penis pump with full eraciton for 10 min especilay you are just getting
stared . Do it with semy erciton for 4-6 min .For 3-4 weeks .After a month go with full eraciton . First
month your penis need to get used with the pump . Maye will grow a little bit ,but generally first month is
for penis to get used with the pump .
However this is my personail advice
Make sure if you follow comopnay direction , But i will not go with ful ercation for first month .

And the last thing about bathmate based on my
Must people who buy Bathmate , they buy bc
they dont want do jelqing and streaching i also
buy it bc of this maybe you did buy it bececuse
of that to .
For people who dont know what is jelqing and
streaching i have other video and explain about
them ,Jelqing is for grith and streaching is for
lengh .
Like i say it i buy bathmate bc i dont want do
jeqling and streaching wth hands it makes me
bored to workout on my penis Bathmate is good
replace me of that Just do bathmate for 10-15
min and is done . But later on i learn it that
jeqling and streaching can speed up the proces .
I know is boring but belive me it will make it
defrence Just a little bit not so much 2 times a
week for 5-10 min
If you skip jelqing and streaching or dont have
time is not big deal , Dont feel obligated
,however when you have time do it .Even you
dont do it jelqing and streaching Just with

bathmate you will grow But jelqing and
straching can help you
faster , as you know first you warm up before
you do jelqing .Bathmate will imporve your
eraciton also ,you will get bonner

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